Skandia Navigator Framework Software


Marine Software Suite  v.1.00

Marine Software Suite is a user-friendly Draught Survey, Lashing Calc and Marine Navigator software for Marine Surveyors and Ships Officers. Marine Software Suite is easily operated using either mouse or keyboard.

Marine Software Bundle  v.4.0

Marine Software Bundle is a user-friendly Draught Survey calculation software for Ships' Officers and Marine Surveyors. It is easily operated using either Keyboard or Mouse.


STEnterprise  v.2.1.0

STEnterprise is a framework that Objective-C Cocoa software can use for storing objects in a database using the same NSCoding protocol Apple already has in place for storing objects to a file or sending them over the network.

STXML  v.3.0

STXML framework is an object-oriented API for working with XML data.

BetterConsole  v.4.0

BetterConsole is an application that you can use to display messages written to the console, or any sort of log file.

SpamCop  v.1.3.2

The SpamCop bundle for Apple's Mac OS X Mail client makes it much easier to use the SpamCop reporting service when dealing with spam.

Subsume  v.2.3.1

Subsume Technologies signature screen saver, Subsume puts small squares on your screen, subsuming them into larger ones as the screen fills.

InstantLinks  v.2.5.0

InstantLinks is a system service that allows you to take the selected text in any application (that supports services) and quickly do a web-based operation on it, like a search, encyclopaedia/dictionary/thesaurus lookup, map a location, or just open

Pocket Pegs

Pocket Pegs is a new release of the well-known classic logic game 'Peg Solitaire'. Pocket Pegs includes attractive game themes with atmospheric sound effects, set of the new peg layouts and layout editor. This classic logic game has easy to learn rules,

Project Framework  v.1.5.5

Project Framework provides a unique Project Management Software workflow able to create 50+ beautiful IT Project Documents automatically - in MS Word and MS Excel - to be delivered directly to Customers.

EDIdEv Framework EDI  v.5.5.2010.264

EDIdEv Framework EDI is an EDI software development kit that includes ActiveX/COM and .NET components, and utilities to facilitate development of EDI solutions.

7P Marketing Software MEGA  v.3.0

7P Marketing Software Strategy Development Framework Model, Strategic Management, MBA models and frameworks,

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